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Your report (Travel bed of Queen Victoria acquired for exhibition, 25 January) says “claims that Prince Charles took his own mattress when visiting friends may have been met with incredulity”. Be that as it may, I clearly remember attending an event organised by the Princess Royal Trust for Carers some years ago. Prince Charles was guest of honour, there to meet committee members from assorted groups. As HRH progressed round the room, spending a few minutes with each group round its table, he was followed by an equerry carrying a cushion to place between the royal bottom and the rather hard chairs we were all sitting on.
Betty Birch

• Hadley Freeman (G2, 24 January) implies that the phrase “fuck-me shoes” was coined in the 1990s. However, I once read the autobiography of the actor Shelley Winters, who shared accommodation with Marilyn Monroe at one time. In it she states that Marilyn coined this particular phrase, and used it often. Marilyn Monroe died in 1962.
Linda Maguire
Wallingford, Oxfordshire

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